Reclaiming Your Joy After Loss

Death and Life

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2019

by Threatt

Lately it seems that so many people are dying. In dealing with people in grief, often they mention that it isn’t just that their loved one died, but there are so many others dying, too, that dealing with all that death can be overwhelming. So what can you do?

Often when we see or hear of others dying, our own mortality comes into question. If you fear dying or feel that you are not ready to die, these reminders of death can catapult you into depression and anxiety, but they don’t have to. We all know deep down that the only thing we can positively know in life is that we all are going to die, so we can fear death, or we can choose to live every moment in the time we have.

Having been around so many people who have died, I have noticed some commonalities. Often, when people receive a terminal diagnosis or when they realize they are dying because of a sudden illness or accident, I have seen these people become at peace,...

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